Kentucky's Haunted Mansions Puts Chills in History


Once again, paranormal investigators Jacob and Jenny Floyd raise the dead in their latest literary conjuring. Fans of the Floyds' Louisville’s Strange and Unusual Haunts will find that Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions expands the terrain previously covered by the husband and wife tandem. Their latest traverses the Commonwealth, highlighting Kentucky history, antebellum architecture, and – oh, yes – lots of compelling spooky accounts of the inexplicable.

Creatives will find a treasure trove of anomalies and details in Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions that evoke inspiration of the paranormal variety. From the Southgate House music hall in Newport and Phillips’ Folly in Maysville to the Hunt-Morgan House in historic Lexington and the Whitehaven Welcome Center in Paducah, the spirits and phantoms abound in unique atmospheres energized by the Genius Loci of each setting.

With the casual narrative of a personal guide, Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions will transport readers to other times and places where the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Kentucky's Haunted Mansions is published by Seventh Star Press. Ordering information is linked here.