Muddy Waters (Otherwhere) is Otherweirdly Mesmerizing! 


When the going gets weird, Tessa Reddick gets going…that is, once she is conscripted into the Supernormal Investigations unit of the FBI upon release from her wrongful psychiatric confinement for killing her entire family of witches.

From the outset of Muddy Waters (Otherwhere), author Sara O. Thompson conjures supernatural thrills that range from grisly and trippy to deranged and dazzling. Her witchy heroine hurtles herself through a first-person narration that is steeped in the otherworldliness of the Otherwhere realm where all manner of ‘supernormal’ entities dwell.

Scenes shift back through “The Rift” between worlds to the landscape of a contemporary Louisville, Kentucky that teeters at the cusp of hellish dystopia infused with black magic.

The novel stages a backdrop of political and religious intrigue that complicates the quest of Special Agent Reddick both to learn the truth about how her family was murdered and solve increasingly bizarre murders before it’s too late for all of humanity.

Despite the often violent and graphic story, Thompson also weaves humor and hilarity throughout this grimoire memoir in which the pages almost seem to turn themselves!

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